How to be a more persuasive speaker | taught by Celia Delaney
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Celia Delaney
Celia Delaney
Keynote Speaker, MC & Comedian

About the instructor

If you want to be better at speaking and sales, you simply cannot do better than to work with Celia Delaney.

Fifteen years of teaching communication skills, a background as an actress, and now a successful keynote speaker in her own right, Celia is used to working with people on speeches that are high stakes, both rewriting their speeches and helping them to overcome any fear or discomfort about speaking and persuasion.

The art of public speaking is within your grasp but is likely that you simply lack technique. Good presentation skills are vital in today’s world, but how can you be good if you don’t know what you’re doing?!

Celia will help you to be the speaker you've always wanted to be.

This course is all about helping you to be a more persuasive speaker. If you need to sell an idea, a product or a service, then you need to know how a speech can become a sales pitch.

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Course Contents

7 Videos
1 Text
3.0 hrs